Rivercove Residence at Anchorvale Lane

Expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2018 is the Rivercove Residences. This latest executive condominium project jointly developed by Sunway and Hoi Hup Realty Developers is clearly in a class of its own. Located in Singapore at the Anchorvale Lane of Sengkang, with not only the best views but also great schools and an entertaining neighborhood. The Rivercove Residences Executive Condominium site was highly competed for with a total of 16 bids from different developers. Hoi Hup developers and Sunway development, however, managed to secure the site with an impressive S$240.95 million bid. Simply put, securing the tender was no easy thing to do, and it clearly shows how convenient the location is. Sengkang is projected to grow massively over the coming years especially due to the government masterplan, plus it is optimized greatly by the number of executive condominiums under construction.

Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd and Sunway Development are among the few trusted developers in the EC market with lots of experience. They have both been operational for decades with quality work throughout. Just recently Hoi Hup Realty totally sold out their Hundred Palms Residences Executive Condominium in Yio Chu Kang Road. Hoi Hup Realty impressively accomplished this in just seven hours, showing you how their development projects are highly sorted out for. Sunway Development has been operational since 1976 with great projects including Sunway Vivaldi, Sunway palazzio, and Kiara Hill. The Rivercove Residences EC project (https://www.rivercove-residences-ec.sg) is, however, not the first project by the two developers. In the past, both Sunway and Hoi Hup reality have come together to develop projects such as the City View at Boon Keng, Lake Vista at Yuan Ching, and The Peak at Toa Payoh. It is therefore quite clear that the Rivercove Residences EC project will be a huge success because of the years of experience and cooperation these two companies have to offer.

Rivercove Residences Executive Condominium residents will have access to the best educational facilities in Singapore. Parents will have a large variety of options when it comes to primary schools. This is because right next to Rivercove Residences is Nan Chiau Primary School, Anchor Green Primary School, and Springdale primary school. For secondary schools, parents will be able to choose Nan Chiau High School which is considered as one of the leading ICT schools in Singapore.

Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre is one of the benefits of living at Rivercove Residences. It offers lots of huge facilities including badminton courts, swimming pools, hockey rinks, soccer fields, and so much more you and your family could engage in. The Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre will ensure you and your family always have a good time and the fact that it is located on a river just makes it that more fun. Shopping lovers are also not left out when you decide to move to Rivercove Residences because of the nearby Compass One Mall. The mall contains everything from cloth stores to electronic stores and bakeries. Outside the Compass One Mall, several coffee shops and fashion boutiques are lined up along the road.

The Rivercove Residences is expected to house a total of 635 units comprising of 10 blocks, 16-storey height each, approximately. The houses will range from 2 bedrooms to five bedrooms ensuring families of different sizes can comfortably live there. The residences will feature comprehensive facilities including a function room, clubhouse, guard house, basement carpark, jacuzzi, tennis court, pavilion, children playground, and outdoor BBQ area. Rivercove Residences also features smart technology digital locks and a camera system for added security.

Rivercove Residences Executive Condominium is without a doubt the best place to be when you want to experience a modern lifestyle full of entertainment for you and your family. These units will sell quickly, and you should start making the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. Experience affordable first class living right here in Singapore at Rivercove Residences.

Buying your first home in Singapore

Determining the type of home that you want to buy in Singapore is as important as finding the right location where you want the house to be in.

The type of home that you get should accommodate your needs right now as well as your needs in the future. You should also understand that in picking the kind of home you want to buy, you can also have a pretty good idea of whether you’ll be able to sell the property easily someday. When you search homes for sale, it’s advisable to have resale in mind, even if you don’t foresee yourself selling shortly.

Here are several different types of houses, home structures and specifications and how they may apply to a certain type of situation as well as what you can expect regarding reselling:

1. Single detached/single family homes – These homes are not attached to other houses and as such have more privacy. They are a lot quieter and could be safer for children because the property is fenced in. Single family homes have a lot of yard space for children to play in or for homeowners to build a garden in.

The drawback is that single detached homes usually cost a lot more than other types of homes, and for a good reason. Regarding the appreciation rate and new launches in Singapore, it also historically performs better than other types of homes. Single detached homes also require more expensive maintenance work.

2. Multiple family homes – Multiple family homes include condos, apartments, townhouses and the likes. These are homes that are attached to other homes in some ways. Common walls make the properties a lot noisier than single detached homes. You’ll have less privacy in these types of homes compared with other types. Common roof and other connected parts of the property may also mean that when a part of the structure needs to be repaired, you may need to depend on people living on the other part of the property to keep their side of the property well-maintained. Suitable for families who don’t spend much time at home. There’s typically no yard in these types of homes. These homes are also less expensive than single detached homes

3. Split levels – Homes with split levels can be quite aesthetically pleasing because the ceilings are high. The noise level is also easier to control. Split level homes are typically less expensive than homes with more storeys.

4. Single story homes – Everything is accessible from one level. Rooms are accessible and convenient. The downside is that noise travels faster in single story homes.

5. Multiple story homes – More living space for the square footage. Noise level is a lot more controllable than in single-story homes, allowing family members to sleep while there are visitors downstairs. It’s more expensive to keep the house heated or for cooling units to distribute cold air.

Depending on your needs and preferences as well as your budget, each house can have pros and cons. It is always good to do enough research on the same. Information about home is on the internet, or you can even visit a real estate consultant in Singapore for advice you on the same.